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With modern day performance vehicles, engines can produce a significant amount of engine heat. These extreme temperatures can diminish total performance and potentially cause exterior engine components to fail prematurely. Thankfully, there are exhaust wrap products available which may reduce engine compartment temperatures by more then fifty percent.

Exhaust wrap rolls are not new to the automotive industry. For quite a while, these wraps have been manufactured out of glass fiber and were commonly stocked on auto part store shelves. However, new designs in wrap technology have been brought to the market that offers superior heat protection when compared to the old style glass fiber wrap rolls. These days the best performing wraps are made from pulverized lava and offer a thermal rating of approximately 500 degrees above those designed with glass fiber.

In most cases it is simpler to install the wrap with the vehicle safely raised off the ground. Because glass fiber exhaust wraps are stiff, many installers find that first wetting the wrap makes it much easier to shape to hard curves. Pulverized lava rock wraps are very flexible and usually can be quickly installed directly out of the package without being wet.

Old style glass fiber wrap rolls must have a finished coating of high temperature silicone spray sprayed on them. This protects the installed wrap from dirt and the grease that is normally found in engine compartments. Exhaust wraps produced from pulverized lava rock do not need any exterior protective coating sprayed on the installed wrap. Pulverized lava naturally repels most debris.

In the performance automotive http://www.epoxysetinc.com/product-reviews/thermal-greases/silicone-thermal-greases/ owners have shifted towards exhaust wrap products manufactured from pulverized lava rock. Not only does pulverized lava provide greater thermal protection, but it is also much easier to install. And for less than many vehicle owners can obtain the additional benefits of improved horsepower and external engine part protection.

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