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The fact is, eighty percent of trade show leads are never followed up on. It seems that trade shows produce more sore feet, aching backs and hoarse voices than actual new business sales leads. While it may be a great way to see what the competition has to offer and catch up with old industry friends, creating qualified leads that turns into business is not a common feature of trade shows.

First, you’ll want to focus your sales energy on prospects who have demonstrated a need for your product instead of shooting randomly into the dark. Think what this could do for your business. Your sales team could interact only with qualified prospects, the ones who come to you looking for your product or service. They’d spend more time consulting with prospects to better understand their needs and even up-selling. Moreover, they would have more time for presentations and demos, instead of spending time on sifting through uninterested or dead leads; in fact, they would have more presentations and demos, period. In short, instead of wearing out shoe leather looking for prospects they’d be closing deals with qualified prospects.

Start by sorting your contacts into groups. For example, you might sort seo company detroit group or some other category. Once you’ve got them in groups you can communicate relevant information to them as a group. Using lead nurturing software you can personalize the message without having to craft each individual email. You’ll want to touch base regularly but not so often that your contact sees your communication as annoying.

LeadMaster delivers tangible benefits to seo companies detroit teams through its web-based LeadMaster solutions. The company’s online application closes the loop between marketing and sales by tracking leads in real time throughout the sales cycle, from demand generation to lead closure. Combining sales force automation, marketing automation and virtual call center capabilities, this powerful web-based CRM application helps companies pinpoint where leads are quickly converting into revenue in order to increase close ratios and maximize return on investment on marketing campaigns.

If I were to broadly define the term social media marketing, I would describe it as the process of promoting a website or a business through social media channels which includes social networking sites. While, you may not take this seriously, it is a process through which you will receive lots of links with businesses, with people, and it will get you a lot of exposure.

If you are amongst any one of the categories above, I suggest you pull up your socks and get started. To begin with you can join social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn and You Tube etc. You can start online communities and address the issues related to your product and services through forums and discussions. This will help you know your customers better and they will know you and trust you more.

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