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Granite is easy to maintain and just by installing a granite countertop you instantly increase the value of your home. There are three types of granite, there are granite slabs, modular and tile. When you look at the three types of granite each has its pros and cons but most people prefer working with the granite tile and this are some of the reason as to why.

The granite tile countertops are much cheaper compare to granite tile is very expensive and the whole countertop slab must be purchased at once unlike the tiles. You will lower your budget by getting granite tile countertop and still enjoy most of the benefits as much as those who have installed the granite slab countertop. The granite slabs are very heavy and if not handled with care they can drop, get chipped or break. On the other hand the granite tile is relatively lighter, thinner and are highly portable meaning you can easily transport the tiles without needing an extra pair of hands. Just because the tiles are a lower cost doesn’t mean you will not get the beautiful appearance and the long lasting quality as the granite slabs the only difference here is the tile is lighter and smaller.

Another benefit of choosing the tile for your countertop is you will significantly reduce the cost of installation since they are easy to install and you can do it yourself. Granite gives you the natural appearance of the rock with some of the most unique patterns and design that’s make your kitchen warm and welcoming. Working with the granite tile is very easy and offers you a lot of flexibility in the choice of colors and shades and you can even create your own design within the granite tile countertop by mixing the different shades. Granite tile will withstand the test of time and will endure a great deal of abuse while maintaining its natural vibrant appearance.

Granite tiles come fully prepared and ready to install unlike the granite slab where you have to use the services of a professional fabricator. Tiles when installed correctly then can fit tightly and give the seamless look that most people prefer to see in granite countertops plus they work very well with backsplash. Like the granite slab once you seal the tiled countertop you do not have to worry about the stains that comes from liquid spilling. Granite tiles comes in different sizes and the most common size is the 12 inches and it makes installation easier even in the hard to reach places. The size of the tile has its advantage for it reduces the cost of shipping and handling which further cuts down your budget. There is one downside of the tiled countertop and that is staining the grout joints but this can be easily prevented by using an epoxy grout.

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