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I am writing this article, not to promote any brand or particular water filter, but to hopefully give the average consumer enough valid information so they can make an educated buying choice when shopping for a water filter.

It is estimated that 80 percent of home owners in the water filter used or are currently using a water filter. Many, I am sure, have purchased a filter that is virtually ineffective and probably costing them an arm and leg in replacement filter costs.

I have been involved in the water filtration industry for a number of years. I have yet to find a water filter that produces PURE WATER! I am seeing more false advertising as of late than I have ever seen before. Just last night for instance, while watching television I noticed two different advertisements for the latest and greatest ater filters. They both claimed to produce pure water! Neither one even mentioned being certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. No water filter removes all of any contaminant, what a water filter actually does is reduce contaminants.

There are hundreds of water filter manufacturers in the U.S. today, producing thousands of different water filtration products. Only a handful produce a water filter that is highly effective as far as contaminant reduction and cost efficiency.

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