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I normally write my articles based around generating interest in foundation repair. But after visiting with a known competitor of mine in the Brick repair industry, I think I may have changed my mind about what is best for your home.

You first must know that in Texas our soils are constantly masonry repair. This is determined by how wet or dry the soil is usually, and that is where this story will start.

Most foundation repair companies boast that they are placing piers under your home which is seated into bedrock. But what actually is happening, each pier is being pressed to the point of refusal. Therefore even after having costly foundation repair done your home is still susceptible to continuing moment and yes even brick and mortar cracks.

Many companies specializing in brick repair, or masonry crack repair can repair the signs of foundation movement. But can they offer a solution to expensive foundation repair methods? Not all of them can. But there are a few. New masonry repair practices have emerged in the past couple of years. Bringing with them a change in how some companies approach your Masonry Cracks and Cracked Masonry bricks.

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