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If you are thinking about heating your garage and can’t determine what the best method to accomplish this is, maybe a propane garage heater would be a good choice. Let’s investigate the reasons this might be the case.

Propane garage heaters are usually the simplest solution for garage heater. Since many people use their garages year-round, heating them is usually a necessity. Garages are like homes to heat; you could use an indoor propane heater or an outdoor propane heater to heat them. Whatever type of heater you decide to use, proper insulation and ventilation is a must.

Since garages are usually not as well insulated as homes are, using an electric heater is probably going to be a waste of money. This is especially true in colder climates. If you use a wood stove, that wouldn’t be very efficient plus you would have to consider the carcinogens that this would cause.

There are many brands of heaters. Some of the more common brands are Mr. Heater, ProCom and Empire. Some have their own built-in thermostats.

Since propane gas is flammable, any contact of this gas with combustible items may lead to harm to you or others. Propane heaters should be kept safely to forestall leakages and possible contact with other combustible items.

Propane garage heaters are specifically built to actually mount on a wall similarly to the way an air conditioner is. You can get bigger heaters that are suitable for heating a two or three car garage. These heaters could cost in the range of $500 or more. Although they may be higher in price, they are well worth the cost.

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