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Spring is coming – time to open those sliding glass doors and let in the fresh air! What? You need to gather several family members to put your shoulders to your doors to get them open? That’s not only a disappointing hassle, it’s a safety hazard. You want sliding glass doors that open smoothly and easily, at the lightest touch.

Sliding glass doors were embraced as an exciting modern convenience when they were invented in the 1950s. Their structure allowed much more light and air to enter the house than with a standard screen door, and they required less space than traditional doors, which necessitate swing space for opening and closing. Easy cleaning and operation rounded out the list of reasons they became such a popular home feature.

Today, the industry has made many advancements in the glass doors glass doors, and if yours aren’t working smoothly and properly, consider repair or replacement by a trusted professional.

Insulation has come a long way over the years, stopping the flow of heat from your furnace into your back yard. Tight-fitting seals, weather stripping, caulking and the modern argon-filled glass structure make for a wall of light that conserves as much energy as a wall of brick. The layers of glass also repel heat from the sun’s rays, making them energy efficient in all seasons.

These upgrades to the glass not only save energy, but cut down acutely on ambient noise. The annoyance of barking dogs, lawn mowers and loud neighbors are a thing of the past. Often, extra sound-control glazing is an option you can add on for even greater noise reduction.

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