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Slate flooring is beautiful and can really make a room look great, but it is very important that you keep up the maintenance. Many people believe that slate flooring is extremely durable and easy to maintain, but this thought is not true. Slate is a material that is very porous and frequently finished, which means that it is able to soak up liquids that are spilled on the tile. It is for this reason that all spills need to be cleaned up right way and to complete the refinishing of slate flooring.

As stated before, slate is a beautiful flooring material to slate flooring, but this type of flooring needs to be maintained to ensure its longevity in your home. Slate flooring is susceptible to staining and the absorption of water if it is not properly sealed and maintained. The Slate flooring can also become scratched or marred from the everyday dust and debris that is brought into the home if the flooring is not sealed or refinished on a regular basis. If you choose not to complete the task of refinishing the slate flooring, you may find the slate becoming dirty in appearance and it will become very difficult to clean.

If you have chosen to install such flooring, you should remember to regularly refinish the flooring so you do not ruin your tile floors and inevitably need to replace them. There are several ways to maintain this type of flooring and refinish it. The first way is to polish or wax the tile. There are many non-permanent polish and wax that can be used to protect and seal your tile. If you choose to use the polishes and waxes you should know that you will need to strip and refinish the floors once every six months. Some slate flooring owners have stated that you could stretch the time between the stripping and the waxing if you do not wear shoes in the house.

You can also use a penetrating or impregnating sealer when refinishing slate flooring. This material will more completely seal the tiny pores leaving you with less of a chance for staining and water expansion. These types of sealers will also make it more difficult to scratch by protecting the slate from the dust and debris. There are some penetrating sealers that can last for years, which is more time than using the polish and wax.

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