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In the past no one thought very much about bathroom sink faucets. All of the emphasis was on kitchen faucets. Things have changed now, and there are a variety of styles and finishes available for bathroom faucets. There are less expensive models all the way to luxurious ones.

Fifteen percent of the water used in a home, comes through a faucet. That means it is extremely important to control the amount of water flowing through the faucets in your home if you want to save money on your water bill. Any faucet that is labeled WaterSense will do just that.

These specially labeled faucets can help save bathroom sink faucet. That equals a savings of approximately 500 gallons a year. By controlling the amount of water that is being used, they, also, cut down on the expense generated by a hot water heater.

There are three things that help determine the type of faucet you should choose: the type of sink, the amount of use and the decor of the bathroom. Sinks are made for faucets requiring one or two holes. Some may not have any holes at all and will require that the faucet be installed on the countertop or the wall behind the sink. The faucet will need to be selected according to the type of sink.

It is important to consider the amount of use the sink will receive. If it is a bathroom that is just for visitors and that will get very little use, it’s not necessary to buy an expensive, long lasting faucet. A more economical one will meet the need. If it will be in the main bathroom that will get the majority of the use, choose a more expensive faucet with solid brass construction. A solid chrome finish is an inexpensive choice and lasts longer than other finishes.

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