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No matter where you live, your house cannot miss fixing a kitchen faucet. When it is time to remodel your kitchen to make it look newer and friendlier, you probably won’t forget to pick from among the many branded kitchen sink faucets. However, people are unaware that there are so many different brands and models in the market and when they started to shop for one, they are overwhelmed by the impressive array of choices.

You cannot possibly head off to shop for any kitchen sink kitchen sink faucet exactly what you want. Without the exact information, you will most likely get one which does not fit at all. Besides finding more information about the different faucets, you should know how many holes and the distance between the holes in your kitchen countertop so as to ensure a compatible one.

If you are sure that there is a single hole, you would of course need to pick among those with a single mounting plate. If your countertop has three holes and you are planning to change the look of your faucet to those which are mounted on one hole, you have to be more creative by covering up the other unused holes like installing a hot water dispenser.

Next in line to consider is the sprayer of your faucet. Some simply designed faucets come with fixed sprayer as they are not extendable and can only be moved in a left and right direction. There are those which are more flexible like the pull down sprayer and pull out sprayer. With more flexibility, you are able to reach a longer distance and cover more directions.

After you have made up your mind on the type of sprayer you want, you should consider the different kinds of spouts. A high arc type of spouts are fast gaining their popularity among many people as they are higher and are able to reach the middle of the sink. Spouts which are not even close to the middle of sink can sometime cause a lot of trouble when you are using them.

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