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There is no denying the charm exuded by antique heart pine flooring. It can blend in quite well even with modern home settings and bring a uniquely classic beauty to the rest of one’s abode. It is, however, needless to say that such material is old. Hence, homeowners should realize the importance of taking necessary care and precaution when refinishing it.

Pine flooring has been popular for centuries. This is heart pine flooring wood of pine trees. The most known type is the heart pine flooring because of how dense it is. In fact, this is the densest one, which can be attributed to its durability and ability to resist damage.

In addition to that quality, this type of flooring is a really nice addition to one’s home considering its colorful tones of red, amber and hues of gold. This is mostly composed of the tree’s most inner part, which is the main reason for its unique hue.

To make sure that the entire refinishing process is done smoothly and effectively, one can go through the flooring and check out the damaged areas. There might be some parts that need replacement while others simply have to be hammered to fix them in place. Any holes in the flower can be plugged with a dowel.

After the entire flooring has been cleared out and the highly damaged boards are replaced, one can proceed to clean up the entire area of antique heart pine flooring. This is done by sanding the flooring with #80-grit sandpaper and following it up with thoroughly vacuuming the entire floor. To complete the cleaning procedure, it is recommended that the floor be wiped with tack cloth.

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