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Nothing adds beauty to a room like the elegance of a fireplace with a stone surround, or a hearth. The best part about the charm of hearths and surrounds, aside from aesthetics of course, is the very little maintenance they require to keep them looking at their best. Just stick to a few simple tips and you will have yours looking shiny and new all the time.

First, always dust the stone surface with a clean cloth. You’ll fireplace stone liquid soap with warm water on a very soft damp cloth. Dove detergent is a great choice. Take another soft, clean cloth and some clean water and rinse the soap from the area. You can then apply a polish to the surface that is recommended for use with marble surfaces. Repeating this process regularly will provide a perfect level of maintenance for your hearth or surround and keep it looking great.

If you have a spill on your hearth or marble fireplace surround, blot the spill immediately to prevent and stains from forming. You especially want to get right on top of juices, red wines and sodas. They can produce hard to remove stains if left to set in. Never use products that contain vinegar, lemon juice,ammonia or alcohol or any commercial cleaners that contain acids or abrasives such as soft scrub or comet. Just like with a regular cleaning that we previously discussed, stick with a soft damp cloth with a mild soap such as Dove.

If you have a stone veneer, you’ll want to take a bit of a different approach. You can put a little more force and elbow grease into this cleaning. To clean dirt, or treat mild scuffing on your stone veneer, you can use a strong solution containing a granulated soap and water. You want to make sure you always use a bristle brush to scrub the veneer. You never want to use a wire brush. A wire brush will cause scratches on the surface that will be impossible to remove.

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