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Common sense isn’t one of the five. Instead, it’s something that more and more people are going without. Because of that, it’s important to go over the ground rules every now and then. So, let’s talk about what you should never do with a Bluetooth headset.

One of the first big mistakes that you can make with a Bluetooth headset bluetooth shower head you into the shower, bath, or to go swimming. Let’s talk about why each of these is a bad idea. First, water is bad for electronics. If you are showering, you might be able to get away with having a Bluetooth in your ear, but it will probably get ruined. If you don’t put your head under the water then you might have a good experience in the bath. A pool seems like it’s a terrible idea no matter what.

The main point here is that you shouldn’t immerse your head in water while wearing a Bluetooth device. Like I said, most people know this kind of stuff but it’s still important to mention it just in case.

I have heard stories about people using blow dryers with their Bluetooth in their ear. This has been known to melt the plastic onto their skin. This can be very painful. It can be even more painful to remove the Bluetooth after this happens. So, don’t blow-dry your hair while your Bluetooth is in your ear. Always make sure you remove it before you start.

These are just a couple of the many ways that you can damage your Bluetooth headset and yourself by not being careful. I will not take the time to list all the different ways that you can do this. There are just too many ways. Instead, I will try to convince you to think before you use your Bluetooth. I know this can be annoying, but you should always consider if what you are about to do could break the Bluetooth or injure your ear. If you do this you can save money and save yourself from pain.

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