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Stained glass panels are a timeless expression of beauty and art that can be used to decorate your home in many ways. Artists have been creating colored glass since ancient times. Both Egyptians and Romans excelled at making colored glass objects. Evidence of stained glass windows found in churches in Britain were traced back as early as the 7th century! Originally, these windows were created to adorn the homes of kings and places of worship, but today we can bring the royalty of stained glass into our own homes.

The styles, shapes and colors of these amazing windows are vast. Some of the shower glass panel are Victorian, Celtic, Floral and Art Nouveau. They can be found in many shapes including rectangles, circles, diamonds, and half moons with colors such as deep reds and greens or brilliant blues and oranges. There is no doubt that their rich colors and textures have the power to bring a room to life. They display an unwritten story or song with their glorious images. They are known for maintaining privacy without eliminating the passage of natural light. Referred to in history as “illuminated wall decorations”, these windows display a unique style of art that cannot be mimicked on solid canvasses. When you decorate your home with stained glass windows you add a personal expression of beauty and show an appreciation for the crafted art.

There are many creative options when using stained glass windows to decorate your home. They provide a beautiful welcome to your front entrance when added as sidelights. They can easily transform your bathroom if hung over the bathtub or in the shower and gracefully adorn the room while adding privacy from the world outside. They will surely bring your child’s imagination to life when their bedroom is turned into a theme room centered around a colorful panel featuring an animal or wilderness scene. They are a great way to dress up your kitchen if hung as a cabinet door. There are countless ways to incorporate this lovely art form into your personal home decor.

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