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Many of us enjoy doing projects on our own and installing sliding shower doors may be a rather simple thing to do, provided you are handy. The first thing that you really need to do is to familiarize yourself with every step that is involved in installing these shower sliding glass doors, as many of them will depend on each other in order for the entire installation to go properly. This is not only true if you’re installing a frameless sliding shower door but also if you are installing something that is a bit more standard. There are also some sliding glass doors that are customized for a variety of different reasons, and these also need a customized installation.

The first step in installing the sliding glass shower doors is to sliding glass shower doors properly in order to make sure that you get the doors that you actually need. This would not only include taking a measurement at the base of the shower door, it would also include taking one every 12 inches as you go up the wall. Keep in mind, not all walls are built plum and it may be necessary for you to either shim out the frame of the shower door at the bottom or the top in order for it to fit properly. If the frame of the shower door is not plum, you will have leaks as a result.

The next step is to install the base track for the shower sliding glass doors that are going to be installed. The only time whenever you will not be doing this is if you get a trackless bottom, which is commonly installed in order to allow handicap access. If this is true, you may still need to install a track at the bottom, although it will not be a guide for the door itself. It will simply be something that flattens out as the wheelchair runs over it but it will still be in place in order to direct the water back into the shower pan.

The top track also needs to be installed properly, and it must be installed directly above the base track in order for everything to work properly. If you’re installing a frameless sliding shower door, you’re going to need to check the manufacturer’s installation instructions, as the upper track will be more of a guide instead of acting as a frame.

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