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When my husband and I went to Europe, we were bowled over by the beauty of their glass block showers. We wanted to get that same modern feel in our home. No shower curtain to get old and smelly. The blocks made the bathroom seem larger, lighter. The distorted glass made the shower experience feel private, but still allowed the sunshine in. And since the blocks don’t require any unusual cleaning products or techniques, it was easy to make the decision to install a new glass block shower. We learned, too, that block made of glass can increase the “saleability” of your home – many prospective buyers love the idea of a glass block shower. It’s beautiful, but better yet, it provides years of maintenance-free use.

With the advent of the building and supply store, all the glass block shower need can be found. Pick up your block, as well as the starter panels and plastic spacing pieces there. The store will also have detailed directions, easy to follow for even the most timid do-it-yourself person. If you can handle a trowel and put frosting on a cake, you can install this kind of block!

What do you want your new shower to look like? Surf around on the internet, there are lots of pictures available. The building store will have some books with creative ideas. The manufacturers, too, want you to be able to envision the possibilities, so they have also provided pictures and artists’ renditions of the simple – and the eloquent – designs.

You can begin with a simple shower bottom, or you can create a masterpiece that dominates the entire bath. Curved blocks are available as well, which can accentuate exciting designs. Some designs will actually prevent water from hitting the floor, and others can be entire walls reaching the ceiling. My husband surprised me with a jacuzzi bath, and we decided to enclose the tub on two sides with the blocks. I love the look, the bathroom seems so light an airy, and I don’t have to fuss with a shower curtain. This was our way of making the bath our own, there is not another glass block shower like it.

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