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There was a time when a linen cabinet had its home in the bedroom or maybe the dining room or laundry room, even the hallway, landing or walk-in closet. Nowadays, though, the desire for convenience, and the greater focus on the bathroom, has led to the popularity of bathroom linen cabinets. These are not for the storage of bed linen or table linen, of course, but for towel storage.

When linen cabinets were first made many centuries ago they were made of bathroom linen cabinets bathrooms did not exist, at least not in the average home and in the way we know them today. Today just about every home in the Western world has a bathroom and with the bathroom comes a collection of towels. Storing spare clean towels in the bathroom is not essential but it is certainly a greater convenience than having the towels in an adjacent or nearby room or hallway; thus the demand for bathroom linen cabinets.

Storage space in a bathroom can be something of a problem in many homes; small bathrooms especially may have a shortage of floor space to add more storage furniture. For that reason the idea of a tall linen tower or cabinet is a popular one, either as an over toilet cabinet or a free standing storage unit elsewhere in the bathroom. Mostly you will find cabinets made of wood due to the need for doors, although a mix of metal, wood and glass are all feasible.

If you decide to go for a tall linen cabinet be sure that the floor is even and you fill the cabinet from the bottom upwards. This should rarely be a problem in a modern home unless it is a very cheap self assembly cabinet that is poorly made; such cabinets should not make it into reputable stores. Anyway wall mounting is always an option for extra stability; in fact a wall mounted cabinet can be even more of a bathroom space saver.

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