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When you’re buying a new bathroom medicine cabinet, decide what features are important to you before you make your purchase. What do you want it to look like? You certainly want it to blend in naturally with the rest of your decor. A sleek, modern-looking stainless steel bathroom cabinet is not going to look too good in a home where the rest of the house is furnished in country style. Probably antique medicine cabinets would be more appropriate.

What you are going to be using your bathroom medicine cabinet for? bathroom medicine cabinets to be storing the basic necessities in it, or are you going to be putting in everything that you use regularly in your bathroom? This will determine the size of cabinet that you need to buy.

What do you want in the way of a bathroom cabinet mirror? Some cabinets have just a single basic mirror, while others have several mirrors, so you can open a door and see a side view of yourself. And having lots of mirrors can make the room look larger.

The mirrors themselves can have beveled edges, or etched glass, and come in varying thicknesses. And the mirror frames are what really sets the style of the whole cabinet. They can be made of wood or metal, and can even be frameless, for a really minimalist look.

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