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There are essentially two reasons for fitting siding to your house, either for the first time or as a replacement, and those are to give the building a new look and to protect it from the elements. One of the more popular ways of achieving both ends is to install vinyl cedar shake siding, a material which adds a protective coating and a decorative element at the same time.

The first decision you make is whether you want to transform your cedar shake siding a siding that fits in with the design as it is now. Flat faced siding is a gentle design which fits in with many architectural styles, and can be installed without changing the overall look to any great degree. Split siding, on the other hand, really can transform the look of the house. When installing this type it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a professional siding contractor in order to ensure the job is done properly.

The good thing about using vinyl as a material, is that even though it looks very much like traditional wood siding, it has a much wider range of colors, enabling you to give the exterior of the house a wide range of treatments. For the real rustic look, take a look at rough split designs. This will give your house the look of a country building while getting all the benefits of using modern synthetic materials. This can be an especially important choice if you live in a rural area and want the design to blend in with the natural landscape.

Other options for the traditional look include cedar shake vertical siding. As with other versions of natural wood designs, this can be bought in the traditional 4 x 8 foot panel, and if bought in bulk for a large property can substantially cut down on costs. Take a look at the range of natural wood designs available in synthetic materials such as vinyl, and you may well be surprised at what you can do to transform the appearance of your home.

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