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A lot of home owners are looking for ways to make their home more personalized, to give it a warmer touch, to make it more accurately reflect what they want it to be…and when the housing market was strong, this resulted in TV shows like “Home Makeover”, which promised that you could get the results that a team of off camera professional contractors could get, in a weekend.

Anyone who’s ever done home beautification knows that “doing it in a weekend” isn’t likely…especially for higher end projects like installing brick veneer on a wall, or re-paneling a wall. Natural materials are wonderful, and the look of brick or stone behind a fireplace is quite charming and rustic, but nobody wants to have to hire bricklayers or masons and wait the three weeks for them to finish tearing apart and putting together your accent wall. Faux panels is the handyman’s solution.

Here’s how faux panels work. They’re made from hi density polyurethane. faux stone veneer , and brick texture is molded from the real thing. So you get an exact replica of the original material. Then each panel is hand painted to look like the original. The faux rock panels are made to interlock into each other like a jigsaw puzzle. This provides a seamless look.

To attach them to the wall you would simply glue and screw them. You would start with the bottom course first, and then your second course. You keep going until you reach the top. After that you would use the color matched caulk to seal any seams, gaps, or miss cuts. The caulking also helps to seal our moisture for exterior projects. Another plus is that the fake panels are easy to cut with any wood cutting saw.

The nice thing about faux panels is that you can use them for indoor accents and for outdoor siding; they’re effectively a decorative type of outdoor vinyl siding. They’re water tight (when caulked properly) and UV resistant, meaning that they can replace the shingles on the outside of the home.

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