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Have you ever had this happen to you? My guess is you have. You walk into a room in your house and you come to the conclusion it finally needs something done to it. Maybe the color has faded in your choice of paint colors from 10 years ago or maybe the wallpaper just doesn’t look, well, like it did when you first took the time to install it. The “look of the room” has remained the same for way to long and you finally have decided to make a few changes. And somewhere along the line maybe you have heard about remodeling with natural stone.

Heck, maybe you’ve even taken the time to look at some of the possibilities in the marketplace and thought to yourself after a little bit of shopping around that the costs were more than a tiny bit on the steep side (this is true), and you might have sold yourself on the thought that it would be a real pain to decorate with. You know what I mean here, finding an installer that you can trust and so forth. But here is what you really need to know if you want to bring the look of natural stone inside your home. You now have a less expensive way of doing it, actually the costs are considerably less, and that is installing and remodeling with what is called a natural thin stone veneer.

With the advances in technology in recent years, stone veneer siding are now able to take a full size piece of stone and split it so that you still have the warm look of natural stone. But what you don’t have is the high cost of a natural full size stone veneer. And another thing that you don’t have, is all the extra weight that you have to deal with as far as your structure is concerned when you use a full size stone veneer product to decorate with.

What you also need to know in this whole equation if you choose a thin stone veneer product is with a thin stone veneer you pay considerably less in shipping costs. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, installers will charge you more if they have to transport a full size stone product to your house or job site. I know my company would and I was a mason for well over 20 years!

And quite frankly, I would show customers both products side by side and for the most part, especially after the costs were discussed, the majority would choose the natural thin stone veneer. And this went for both outside projects and interior remodeling projects. To me it just makes good common sense. If you could get the natural stone look and NOT pay the higher costs of using full size stone, what do you think you would choose

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