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There is no fencing material that has the natural beauty of real wood. Most people assume that a wood fence requires yearly maintenance and that it will not last very long. But that is certainly not the case. If a wood fence is installed properly there is actually very little maintenance and the fence can last for many, many years.
The key to longevity for any wood fence are the fence wood privacy fence. Never use a wood post for a wood fence. Wood posts (both cedar and treated) that are in contact with the ground can rot out in less than five years depending on soil conditions. Treated wood posts may also twist and warp as the posts dry out over time. A galvanized steel post will never rot or twist. It will last a lifetime. When installing a steel post be sure to use one that can be covered to look like wood. With a steel post that is covered the fence will look like wood and but will have the durability of steel.
People often think that a steel post is too expensive. A steel post can in fact cost less than a wood post. A wood post will use more concrete than a steel post does. The hole for a fence post should be three times the diameter of the post itself. This means that a wood 4 x 4 post requires a hole that is 12 inches in diameter while a steel post needs only a 6 inch diameter hole. And, the hole needs to go below the frost-line which can be up to four feet deep. A wood post should also have gravel below the concrete to allow for water drainage. When the cost of the post, the concrete and the gravel is added together the total price of a wood post may be more than that of a steel post. And then of course there is the additional labor of digging a bigger hole and disposing of all that dirt.
For dog-eared wood privacy fences the tops of the posts should be about six inches below the top the fence itself. A post that is 7′ 6″ tall is the correct length for this type of fence. For a fence that will have a top rail, or picture frame, the top of the post should be 6 feet out of the ground. For this type of fence an eight foot post is required.

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