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The approach on designing modern fireplaces has taken a long journey from how it was made in earlier years. Nowadays, modern fireplaces are better when it speaks on its exquisiteness and efficiency, making it just right to heighten the temperature on your home yet leaving an elegant visual appeal. The best thing these modern fireplaces offer is the convenience of not requiring the installation of chimneys or massive foundations. It definitely gives the owner the option on placing their direct vent gas fireplace or other types just about anywhere they like it, be it in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or just outdoors.

Since modern fireplaces have different venting options, you should opt for one that best suit your needs. Among B vent, vent less and direct vent gas fireplace, the direct vent gas fireplace is known to be the most efficient and safest to use.

One of the modern fireplaces that are favored by most users is the direct vent gas fireplace fireplace. It does not need an extensive and huge chimney or going on top of the roof to drill holes for the fireplace to operate. A direct vent gas fireplace only needs a pipe directly on a wall to acquire air from outside for combustion and at both ways discharge the fumes outside the house. It can either be top or rear vented. Having this kind of venting option gives you an ample way to place one or more modern fireplaces almost anywhere you like. Choose your best choice of mantles for modern fireplaces and have them vented by a professional. If you are more on doing things your own way, you can do the installation but be very particular on the manufacturer’s instruction and rules on how to properly install it.

The heat produce from a direct vent gas fireplace is measured by BTU or British Thermal Unit. It is important to check the modern fireplaces and their BTU depending on the space where it will be situated. A larger space requires a greater amount of BTU. The same way when you will heat a small space you don’t need modern fireplaces with higher BTU since it will leave your space toasted as hell. You should ask for an expert’s advice before installing a direct vent gas fireplace since you also need to consider the space of your house from the number of doors and windows, the elevation of the ceiling and even the kind of flooring and whatnot.

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