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If you’re considering a ventless gas fireplace for your home then you’ve found the right article. This article is designed to educate the homeowner on the pros and cons of a ventless gas fireplace. As with anything you need to evaluate the bad along with the good to make the right decision. Obviously stores and salesmen will only tell you the good and conveniently leave out the bad so they can make a sale. Luckily this article isn’t just trying to sell you a ventless fireplace; it’s trying to educate you if a one is right for you and your home. Remember, if you’re not ready to accept the responsibility of a traditional wood burning fireplace than the ventless gas version might not be a good idea.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of a ventless gas fireplace. The ventless gas fireplace is the fact it won’t require a chimney or any duct work, this is because it will vent directly into the room it’s operating in. Since it operates on natural gas you don’t need to worry about buying and storing wood. This is a good think because it’s been reported that rodents and cockroaches can hitch a ride on fire wood and find their way into your home! Another benefit of not using wood for fuel is the fact it makes a vent-free gas fireplace eco-friendly. Don’t forget how much less cleaning will be required since there isn’t any soot build-up from the combustion process of the wood. Now that you’ve learned some of the benefits you should review some of the negatives below.

As mentioned above a ventless gas fireplace doesn’t need a chimney or duct work because it vents directly into the room it’s in. This can actually also be a negative because improper use and operation can result in oxygen depletion. Never operate a gas fireplace that doesn’t have a built in ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) or have one operating in the room it’s in. The actual cost different between buying fire wood and burning natural gas is debatable. Some people claim it’s cheaper to burn wood than natural gas, while others claim the opposite; it will really come down to natural gas prices in your area and how often you operate the fireplace.

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