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The rage of the upright vacuum cleaners these days is the bagless design. Is this the best design for a central vacuum system as well? The answer plain and simple is, NO! Comparing every vacuum cleaner in design, a central vacuum system has the greatest disadvantage of all to overcome for high performance and that is because of the distance the air has to travel. So with that disadvantage, central vacuums motor units must move air all the way from the end of the attachments through the 30ft hose then the PVC pipe, through the canister of the motor unit and then through the motor fans to exhaust out. The most important feature to allow the greatest volume of air through the system is whether it is a bagged or a bagless design.

Bagged central vacuum units have designed their system with the proper central vacuum system using the Bag Filtering System. This system provides the greatest surface area for the air to breathe which also allows the greatest airflow so that you maintain maximum vacuum performance and not allow dirt and debris into the vacuum’s motor. Normally this extends the motor’s hours of life and allows the motor to run much cooler which helps the motor’s carbon brushes to last much longer.

Doesn’t it make sense to change a bag two or three times per year then have to dump out a bucket of dirt regularly and scraping or beating out filters or mesh screens? A lot of homeowners want a central vacuum system installed into their house because it improves the indoor air quality of their home. However many of those same homeowners expose themselves to millions of microns and sub-microns of dust, mites, animal dander and other allergens when creating a cloud of dust during the dumping and scraping of a bagless system.

Go to an independent vacuum store in your area to learn how a central vacuum works and to get a knowledgeable person’s opinion as to which is the best central vacuum system for your home. Do not leave it up to a builder or someone else who sells central vacuums as a sideline. The cleanliness of your home is extremely important and your vacuum cleaner is the most important tool to keep your environment clean and healthy.

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