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Made to last, wood laminate flooring presents all of the beauty of true hardwood floors while offering a more forgiving nature for your active lifestyle. Laminate flooring gets its strength from its manufacturing process. Made from high density fiberboard, the pieces are bonded using high heat and pressure making them extraordinarily strong and versatile. After bonding, a high resolution image depicting the natural striations, color variations and grain of true hard wood flooring is applied and then sealed under a cellulose-based resin. Because of this process, laminate wood flooring can sometimes exceed natural wood options in both durability and versatility.

While true hardwood and laminate flooring both offer their own wood laminate flooring for use in your home, laminate can be an attractive feature for homes with high activity from children, pets or consistent foot traffic. With its hard coated seal, wood laminate flooring offers nearly effortless cleanup of spills and easy repair of scratches and dings for everyday wear and tear. Whereas true hardwoods may require sanding or re-sealing of damaged areas, laminate flooring repair may only consist of removing and replacing the individual pieces making its use nearly trouble-free.

Beyond its user-friendly durability, other advantages to wood laminate flooring include its installation. Although laminate planks should be acclimated to the surrounding climate in your home just as hardwoods would be, their installation can sometimes be simpler. Offered in click-to-fit systems, many laminate flooring installations can be done in a weekend or less depending upon your room size and shape. Since they are made of durable high density fibers mixed with bonding resins, as opposed to solid wood material, cutting proves to cause few issues and can be done with typical power tools found in most homes.

Because of its hard-wearing character, flooring is also a cost effective choice when considering bulk or whole house applications. Providing all of the beauty with the added assurance of damage resistance, laminate floors can often be purchased and maintained at a fraction of the cost of many other flooring choices. flooring is perfect for use in bedrooms, halls, kitchens and main living areas where damages to floors and consistent replacement costs can be an issue. Although easily applied by a professional, these floors are also an excellent choice if you plan to install your laminate yourself. These systems often come with easy to follow directions and options for pattern layouts which might cost more if done by a professional. Their durability can withstand cutting and shaping to fit any area of your home with little to no cracking or splitting of fibers which can cut down on unforeseeable damages creating very little installation waste.

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