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Shallow well pumps are used to access groundwater and transport it to the surface, where it can be used for drinking water, irrigation and a multitude of other purposes. There are three major types which are suitable for this purpose: shallow, deep well and submersible pumps.

Shallow well pumps have no mechanical parts submerged in the well water. The construction principally consists of a pumping mechanism, a pipe which feeds into the well and a valve that ensures that water does not flow back down the well once it’s pumped. The device functions just like a siphon, creating a vacuum and using the surrounding atmospheric pressure to pump up liquid. These pumps are suggested to be used in wells 25 feet and less in depth. One of the main advantages of the shallow pump is that they can be hand operated.

These PVC based pumps are lightweight and are shallow well pump water in an emergency, after a natural disaster or for locations without electricity. As they are constructed from durable materials which are extremely lightweight, it makes them easily transportable. The materials that hand held pumps are made of ensure that they resist corrosion, rusting, wear and tear. Although constructed of lightweight materials, there life expectancy and strength is comparable to those pumps constructed of much heavier materials. The piping is constructed to be very durable.

Advantageous in any situation, the shallow well pump is relatively cheap, and maintenance costs are minimal. They are very easy to install. Leading hand operated shallow well pumps are capable of pumping between 20 and 35 litres per minute. Water should be pumped both on the up and down stroke to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, with an ergonomically designed handle ensuring that the legs can be used in unison, to reduce the pressure and stress on the upper body. Leading designs ensure that the pumping principle will continuously operate for 10 million pumping cycles, with minimal wear and tear being exerted on the internals. This is achieved by incorporating a unique pumping principle that does not have to overcome any friction in the pumping action.

When selecting a supplier to purchase your shallow well pump, ensure that the product is tried and tested in the most extreme situations. Leading pump suppliers have an extensive portfolio of their products being installed in areas such as Mexico, where in conjunction with organisations like the Ague Ministries, they aim to provide safe drinking water for all.

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