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A skylight can be a great addition to any room. There is something almost magical about looking up through a skylight on a clear starry night, and seeing the beauty of the night sky directly above. They are also a great way to add extra light to a room. However, they not only add light but oftentimes also add a good deal of heat to a room too. Or, in winter, an unshaded skylight can bring the room temperature down quite quickly too. That is why it is important to somehow cover the skylight.

Some people prefer to put external shutters on skylights. This is not really that useful, as in order to open and close the shutter you have to somehow approach it from outside; not always such a practical thing to do. Another cheap option for skylights is to cover them with frosted film or UV coated film. This is a cheap alternative and it does help insulate the room somewhat, however it tends to cut down the light that gets into the room and you lose the advantage of being able to see through the skylight when you would like.

The best alternative is to add skylight shades or shutters. These can skylight blinds, or they can be relatively cheap, depending on what you buy. The cheapest blind for a skylight is a roller blind. It is set into vertical shutters so it stays in place and it can be opened with a skylight pole or you can purchase motorized blinds. These blinds come in a variety of colors and designs, many having either blackout or UV features.

Small shutters can be added. If you want to add shutters to a skylight you are probably best using PVC shutters as they are not as delicate as wood shutters and they are quite lightweight. However, they are quite awkward to open. Roman blinds, venetian blinds and others are also available for skylights.

You may need help installing your skylight blinds. One reason is that they are usually very high up (unless they are present in a sloping attic window) and it can be difficult for people to work on a tall ladder or some type of scaffolding up high like that. They also need additional hardware installed so that they run neatly in place and do not drop down when they are closed.

Unless you are absolutely confident that you can do the job yourself, and do it well, you are usually better off getting someone to come in and do it for you. While it may cost a little, you will at least have the confidence that the job is done well, properly and if you have any problems with the installation you can have them come back to fix them.

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