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There is nothing more special to a land owner then having a lush green lawn. It is the understated crowning glory of any green-thumbed enthusiast’s efforts and most gardeners are secretly prouder of their lawn than any other part of their property. Lawns take a fair amount of work and effort and also thorough and regular attention to issues such as dressing, leveling and aerating which need to be done before the lawn’s true beauty comes to the forefront. For this reason, using gardening equipment such as rolling lawn aerators is essential.

One part of your lawn care regimen that should not be neglected is aeration. With time, your lawn, or typically the top 4 inches of soil and thatch, will become compacted and hard which can have a seriously negative effect on the overall health of the lawn.

This compacted condition impedes the flow of water and nutrients lawn aeration the critical top structure of the lawn and many problems attributed to bad fertilization, watering, or insects are actually a result of this compaction.

Lawn aeration addresses these problems by loosening this compacted layer and allowing oxygen, water and nutrient access to the top layer. Aerators of all types work on the same basic principle of driving spikes or tines into the top layer of the lawn at regular intervals.

This aeration process can be carried out in several ways either by using a mechanical aerator, by using a garden fork (only practical with very small areas), or even by using spiked shoes. One of the best options for most residential property lawns is the rolling lawn aerator.

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