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Being a homeowner you may realize that you will have a love-hate relationship with your lawn. When you are ready to start from scratch and get a beautiful lawn, sodding may be the right choice for you. Seeding is another choice but can have less than desired results and you will need patience. Both will take a few months to establish a sound root structure but the sod roots will develop faster. You will be able to lay the sod yourself but a team of two will get the job done twice as fast. The best time to tackle a new lawn is the first half of May or in late August to mid-September.

The first step is to determine how much sod you will need. Find the sod installation footage total and divide the number by nine. Sod is bought and sold by square yards. If you are unsure of your square footage the nursery will be able to advise you on how much you will need. To install, unroll the sod “green side up.” There is not a whole lot to laying the sod. We recommended you begin by a straight edge such as a driveway edge. Line up the next piece of sod right up next to the first piece, keep them in straight rows, end to end. When you begin on the next row offset the seams. You will have to cut some of the strips to maintain the alignment, a large knife works well for this. If you are installing on a steep hill you can insert pegs into the sod pieces to keep them in place until the roots have time to develop.

Watering the new sod is very important. You must water the sod for approximately 2 hours every day for two weeks. Watering in the evenings helps the sod keep in the moisture and develop quicker after that time you can decrease your watering frequency. It is also important not to over water your new lawn. Make sure that the grass is moist but not drowning in water. Mowing can begin after some results have been seen. Usually, 14 days is long enough, set you mower blade higher to decrease the chance of harming the roots. Pick up the clippings after mowing.

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