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Home is a place where everyone would just want to unwind him or herself and feel stress free. Every person would want his or her home to look beautiful and elegant from outside and inside. The outside of the house means to have a garden or an open yard. This yard can be decorated in various ways to make it look beautiful and at the same time make it a place where the members of the house can relax after a long day’s work. The usage of Sod plays an important role in the beautification of the yard of the house.

Sod means turf. This essentially means the soil under the grass, sod house together by the roots or any other material. The bugger is grown on farms, which are specifically designed to cultivate certain products. The sod can be easily transported and it remains fresh for a longer period. The sales of sod are high because they can be easily laid on the ground and converted into a lawn. The sod is available in different varieties and every variety has a typical characteristic of its own. The cost of sod varies from one type to another. The harvesting time of the sod is one year after is has been planted. The farm is watered and treated with the fertilizers before the sod is cut. The bugger is cut into slabs and is rolled up. The sold can be installed as it is once it is sold.

The cost of sod is determined by keeping in mind various factors. The main aspect that affects the cost of sod is that most of the household members get the professionals to lay the sod. Since the professionals lay the sod, the cost is definitely higher. In case you lay them yourself, you can save a lot on the money. The other factor that determines the sod cost is the type of the sod you are using for your lawn. The amount of sod required also plays a major role in the cost determination of sod. The more you need the sod the more you shall increase your cost of sod.

The supplier from whom you purchase the sod will also affect the cost of sod. It is always preferable to buy the sod after checking with various suppliers. The cost will vary from supplier to supplier. You should also check in the online stores as well as physical stores, bargain for the cost, and then finalize for the sod. This exercise shall help you getting the best sod at the lowest prices. When you buy, the sod directly from the farm the cost of sod would be around US$1.25 per sq. yard. In case you intend to buy different variety of sods then they would cost you around US$105 upto US$140 for a pallet. In case, you want to buy a piece of sod then the cost would be approximately US1.00 per piece for an ordinary sod.

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