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Mulches help a lot in producing high quality crops in your garden. The only thing is, there are many different kind of materials that you can use as mulches. The issue could be choosing the best mulch for a vegetable garden.

There is no single best mulch that works well for every plants. Different plastic mulch growing conditions. Thus, the approach to selecting the best mulch is pretty much different for different growers.

As discussed earlier, the kind of mulch used depends heavily on the crops you are going to grow. Generally, there are 2 kinds of mulch. Organic mulches includes straw, newspaper, cardboard, compost and shredded leaves. Inorganic ones include plastic, gravel stones and garden fabrics, among others.

For heat loving crops, a good mulch to use are plastics as it increases the temperature of the soil. Although plastics are very good deterrent for weed growth, you have to be aware that it is not permeable to water. Thus, it’s best to have some effective form of irrigation like sub-surface irrigation for example, to go with this kind of mulch.

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