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The best vented gas logs come in a variety of lengths and features. For quite a long time, vented gas logs have provided our homes with sufficient warmth and appealing fire flames that look a lot like the real wood fire. Although these also have some drawbacks, the logs will still give you more than enough reasons to use them.

The traditional way of chopping and hauling wood logs for our vented gas logs

The realistic set of flames that vented logs produce is the reason why they’re more favored than ventless logs. These logs produce yellow-like flames with radiant cinders that contribute to the natural look. Since yellow flames produce more soot, s0 you should refrain from using a blower system for these logs. Propane or natural gas is the common types of fuels for vented logs.

When using vented logs, it is required to keep your dampers permanently blocked open to direct carbon emissions and heat out of your house. Also, your venting system is regularly checked by inspectors, so the more reason you should pay attention to this detail. You don’t have to worry about toxic gas fumes or unpleasant smells lingering inside your home because the venting or tube pipe systems will take care all of these.

The cost of vented gas system is fairly reasonable compared to its vent-free counterpart. If you search the internet, the prices of vented gas logs on average would range from $300 to $600, which will vary among retailers. Vent-free gas logs are more expensive that could cost more than thousands of dollars.

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