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For the large part of doing laundry, we rely on our dryers. After all, most of us do not have the time to spend hanging clothes out on a line, waiting hours for them to dry, then going out to remove them and then – finally – be able to fold and put away the items. Yes, that might work for a few types of clothing or perhaps linens, but after that, the sun-dried clothing routine becomes tedious.

Enter, modern technology and the clothes dryer. But, with this dryer vent installation comes responsibility. There is being sure to get a large enough dryer to meet one’s needs, being sure to use the correct products and most importantly, ensuring that the dryer vent is cleaned after every load of laundry AND that when the dryer is installed, that the vents are in properly placed.

Dryer vent installation is not something to be taken lightly, though it is a job that most homeowners can do. There are specific things to consider in the process, else you risk usage challenges and even dryer vent related fires. So what is the proper way to install a dryer so that the dryer vents are placed properly? Here are the basic steps.

Determine where the dryer vent duct will run. Keep in mind that the shorter the distance and the fewer turns required the better it is. Also, a dryer vent running through the roof should be an absolute last resort. You will also want to avoid windows, outdoor obstructions and be sure that the duct work is at minimum of a foot off the ground and a foot away from obstructions such as decks or air conditioner units.

You need to use either galvanized steel or aluminum ductwork, but don’t intermix the two- choose one! Be sure you also purchase an outdoor cap for the duct.

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