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Fire-places truly have evolved. No longer are home makers stuck with just the choice of using wood fire-places, another popular option they have nowadays are what is known as gas fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are proven to be even more efficient and effective in warming homes and providing that cozy feeling that is truly inviting for family and guests alike.

Unlike wood fireplaces, these ones are fueled by natural gas, propane vented gas fireplace. Gas fireplace also do not require regular cleaning up and the hassle of needing to store logs and to chop wood is eliminated when using these. The technology used for these gas fireplaces are also modern and state of the art. Further, gas fire-places are classfied to vented and vent free gas fireplaces giving buyers more choices for their home.

Vented gas fire-places can further be subdivided to the traditional type – one that sends its smoke emissions and most of the heat up a chimney; or the direct vent type that draws the air from outside and lets most of the heat into the house but lets the smoke outside. This is great for capturing the most heat for the home, without the smoke. Also, since there is a chimney, the smoke the fire creates also goes outside of the home, which is beneficial for your family’s health. Another great thing about a vented gas fireplace is that the flame is very realistic, almost like the one from a real wood burning fireplace. Most home owners would still want a realistic looking flame since this is what make a fireplace look so charming in a room. However great they seem, vented gas fireplaces also has some bad sides. The most obvious one is that vented ones can cost some amount to install.

A Vent free gas fireplace on the other hand, are great because they are portable, low maintenance, and cheap to have, with no need to install. These are also proven to put out even more heat than its vented counterpart and creates less pollution inside the house. Gas consumption is slightly lesser as well. The vent free gas fireplace also makes a great centerpiece for any home, most manufacturers are now coming up with more and more beautiful designs that adds beauty to a fireplace’s functionality. These can also work wonderfully for smaller rooms or even outside the home.

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