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Many people make their own gardens. Typically raised bed gardens are made because the soil in most backyards lacks nutrients and is full of fertilizers that are put on the soil. One type of garden bed that you can make is made out of cinder blocks. Learn what advantages a cinder block garden has. First of all, cinder blocks are cheap and many times even free. There are companies that will just give these away once they are done with them. Compared to commercial gardening boxes or containers, these blocks offer some of the cheapest materials to build your gardens.

Really with a cinder block garden, there isn’t much construction at all. cinder block these on the ground and stack them. This requires no other materials and no other skills. For most people, this is the easiest way of building a garden bed. One advantage of this type of building material is that the holes are already there in them. This means that you can turn the cinder block on it’s side with the holes up and use each one as two containers. There are many plants that will fit into these holes and grow fine.

If you are using the square foot gardening method, these blocks are an cinder block services make this type of garden bed. Follow the same directions except use these blocks to make your gardens. These blocks will hold up to the weather much better than wood will. As it rains the untreated wood will eventually start to rot. This will let you not have to build up these beds as much since the cinder blocks won’t need to be replaced. They are a bit easier to put together since you don’t have to use nails as well.

While these reasons don’t mean these bedding blocks are the absolute best for your garden or not, they do have enough advantages to consider using them.

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