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If your paving is covered in oil, dirt and grime with a couple of weeds in-between, chances are that you have been neglecting your pavement completely! We’ve had tenants in our house for the past two years and we went to check up on the property over this weekend. To put it mildly, the house is in a horrible condition! Sure, we should have checked up on the tenants more often, but we trusted our rental agent with this task.

We used to have a clean and welcoming driveway when we handed the chip seal to the tenants – this driveway is now covered in shades of green and black and it’s barely possible to see the paving under all the weeds and dirt! Needless to say we are not amused with the situation, but it’s time to cut our losses and move on.

Sometimes a garden hose and a broom would be able to do the trick, but in chip and seal paving, it has unfortunately gone way too far for that! Luckily we have a high pressure hose in our garage, so this should be able to eliminate most of the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the past two years. A hard garden broom might be required to get rid of some of the tougher stains. Then we would also need to invest in a chemical or a type of stripper to get rid of the oil stains on the paving! I have a funny suspicion that our tenants had a backyard garage at our premises as I cannot think how else a driveway would end up looking like the inside of a filthy workshop!

To avoid being in a similar situation again in the future, we will invest in a proper sealant and seal the paving once it’s properly cleaned. Sealants are a good way to protect your paving from staining and it will also lower the risk of algae to grow on the surface and cause discolouring. There are many different types of sealant available and it is therefore important to choose the correct sealant for the job. The one thing that I do not want is a shiny pavement! That never looks natural and it gives the impression that your paving has been varnished instead of sealed!

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