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Entrepreneurs are made. I have met quite a few business owners over the past few years, some more successful and driven than others. There are a few common traits that they each seem to possess. Some of the owners that I have met are so humble that you could not detect their level of success right offhand. Then you have the less subtle ones that are proud and boastful, often a bit too proud of their little efforts toward success. So I began to watch and study them indirectly. One of the common factors within the boastful owners was that they were either born into a business, a wealthy credit line, or it was basically given to them later in their lives. So they wore the title of ownership, but they never got their hands dirty while working for it.

Now we’ll discuss my favorite, the humble owner. The common trait with brick layer is that of a person that grew up having to fight for the little that they received. Often times these entrepreneurs were forced into success. They usually started out working a typical day job or even a part-time job in order to sustain themselves and or their families. Business may have started out very slow with just an idea with no financial backing, no business development team, marketing budget, nor the educational background in running a successful business. Somehow, they have always managed to learn these required skills based on necessity. They learn bookkeeping as income begins to flourish because they are not quite able to pay a bookkeeper. They learn business law by means of free resources in order to avoid tax penalties.

A large percentage of these entrepreneurs unfortunately, will never get brick laying as they become complacent in their daily routine and the certainty of their current sources of income. A smaller percentage is forced into full pursuit, due to unforeseen circumstances such as budget cuts and layoffs. Immediately, that dream and those baby steps that they have been taking over the last few years become urgent and giant leaps of faith. They go from piecing things together to building a self-running business almost instantly! They have always had the foundation and the outline in their heads and on paper, but never had the motivation to kick-start it in fear of FAILURE!

These are the entrepreneurs that will be successful today. Not only will they be successful today, but tomorrow as well because they have faced adversity, and climbed and concurred those wet brick walls. If they should ever come across any challenges within their organization, they will know how to overcome as they have already done so already.

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