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If you have been searching for a natural stone that is extremely tough, weather and chemical resistant, versatile and highly attractive, you should consider how bluestone could be used in your project. Even though it is actually relatively unpopular as far as natural stones go today, bluestone is highly suited to projects of all kinds around the home, both inside and outside. Still don’t believe us? Then perhaps the following information will be able to change your mind:

One of the most favourable attributes of bluestone is that it is bluestone paver, which makes it the perfect choice for almost any application you can think of, simply because it will not easily break. Whether you are looking for a material that you can use as a wall cladding or you are looking for a product that is salt resistant so you can use it around your swimming pool, bluestone could be just the paver you have been looking for.

Many people wrongly assume that bluestone possesses an unattractive bluestone paver service, but this is not at all true. The stone actually ranges from deep blues that are almost black in colour to blue-greys that are more reminiscent of storm clouds than they are of Tiffany&Co. This subtle colouring actually makes bluestone quite an elegant material that will blend in with any sort of décor you could imagine.

If you have opted to use flamed bluestone around your home, you can benefit from the increased safety it will provide you and your family with. This is because the stone features a high traction surface that makes it harder than ever to slip over as you rush around doing everything that you need to every day. You could also opt for a natural cut bluestone to achieve a similar effect, it just feels a bit rougher underfoot.

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