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It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it and when a homeowner is sick and tired of dealing with the driveway, they are willing to pay the next person to do the deed. Blacktop driveways possess the smoothness and clean appearance that gravel driveways just don’t have. While the aesthetic value of blacktop is quite pleasing to the eye, it can be a real pain to maintain.

Over time, Mother Nature and the usual wear and tear of the blacktop driveway the blacktop to lose its luster. Gradually, the black shine dulls and it no longer displays a smooth finish. Without blacktop sealer, cracks may develop and potholes appear. The edges may become tarnished with grass, which may work its way into the central sections of your driveway. There are other elements that wreak havoc on a blacktop driveway, such as the beating sun, ultraviolet rays, and other substances like oil, gas, salt, and grease.

It is the blacktop sealant that delivers protection to a driveway and helps prevent the crumbling effects that attacks so many driveways. With a little effort, the protection and maintenance of blacktop can turn into a rather lucrative small business or another way to make extra cash. With your trusty can of blacktop sealant in hand, offering prices a little below the competitive rates of local businesses is a good selling point.

The equipment costs for this type of business venture is rather low and the time needed to complete this kind of job is not demanding. Some individuals can finish three to four driveways in one day (depending on how fast they work and how large the driveway is). Some of the tools associated with this type of work include a garage broom, stiff bristled brush, garden hose with spray nozzle, square-edge shovel, and masonry chisel. Additional materials to consider include a sharp tool, wide squeegee or brush, a 4 x4 (for tamping), household detergent, asphalt crack filler or cold patch, and a pair of gloves.

To make the most profit and gain a positive reputation in the driveway blacktop driveway service, there are a few tips to consider. For starters, driveways shouldn’t be sealed in 50-degree weather. Make sure to ask the homeowner how old their blacktop is – a driveway must cure for six months in warm weather before a sealing job can be completed.

If the weather forecast expects rain within 36 hours, sealing a driveway is discouraged. When applying the sealant, do not use too much or a condition known as “mud-cracking” may arise. Don’t forget to advise your clients that a new application should take place every two to three years. Before leaving

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