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Sub-headline: Radiation Coach is a helpful application that offers important support and advice one may need to beat cancer and guide you, friends and family through the process of radiation therapy treatments.

January 26, 2016 – To download the specially created radiation therapy app, you can visit the app.’s website at www.radiationcoach.com. The App and the website will provide helpful advice and support to help individuals, as well as their friends and family, as they undergo the process of radiation therapy on their journey to beat cancer. The Radiation Coach app allows a radiation therapy patient and their friends and family to connect with other past, present and future patients who are facing similar health related or emotional issues due to cancer. According to the creator of the application, Radiation Coach has been designed to support and educate individuals from the initial medical consultation to the final treatment and after, it also allows people to share their success stories as well as struggles, providing a strong emotional support system.

The app is gaining popularity both among cancer patients as well as healthcare professionals. Many healthcare experts believe that the Radiation Coach app will bring a new ray of hope in the lives of patients who are often concerned about their difficult health conditions. After review, one healthcare professional stated. “The opportunity to learn from others’ life experiences may prove more inspiring for a patient in the due course of the fight against cancer”.

In additional to the physical pain and discomfort, cancer patients often face emotional issues which can strongly affect their recuperation chances. With The Radiation Coach app, a cancer patient is given a forum to express themselves as well as connect with others to learn about their treatment process and gain support. Through building relationships with other radiation patients, one can comfort himself and be prepared psychologically for the treatment process. This kind of emotional sharing and support can dramatically increase the success rate of radiation therapy for a cancer patient.

Radiation Coach has been designed with several interesting features that bring in several types of possibilities for a cancer patient. On of the many features is the message boards. They allow sharing or updating details with other patients or family members. One can also post questions to get specific answers from others on topics related to radiation therapy. Another key feature is the calendar. The calendar is extremely helpful because patients can enter their treatment dates and share those dates with friends and family. Once a date is set, the patient can set up alerts for all appointments to insure no treatment is missed. Moreover, the app even allows a patient to keep track of their weight, blood pressure, temperature and multiple other symptoms throughout the treatment process.

The creator of the application is confident that it will ease several types of concerns for cancer patients as well as help them build relationships with other radiation patients. It will also help ease the anxiety and concern friends and family experience when a loved one is going through therapy. Furthermore, Radiation Coach will proudly donate 10% of all proceeds to the cancer research institute in an attempt to help fight cancer. One can download the Radiation Coach app from the website http://www.radiationcoach.com/, in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

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