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More and more people are leaving their cars and trucks at home in favor of cycling. It is more environmentally friendly, better for us physically, and more enjoyable than driving a car. However, cycling can also be very dangerous, particularly when the drivers of motorized vehicles stubbornly refuse to share the road or are not alert enough to notice that there is a bicycle on the road with them. If you are in an accident between your bicycle and a car or truck you will want to make sure that you can prove liability on the part of the other drive and reduce your own share of liability. This will improve your chances of recovering damages to your body, motor cycle accident lawyer health, and property. You’ll probably want to call a personal injury attorney after a cycling accident but what you do before then can make the difference between recovering damages and losing your case.

If you are able to you should always call 911 after such an incident just as you would if you were in a motor vehicle. Request medical help, too, even if you think you are uninjured. Remember that your adrenaline is surging and can mask the symptoms of injury or shock. You may not feel any immediate pain, even if you are suffering something as serious as a compound fracture. Let the EMTs and other medical personnel diagnose your injuries are and how serious they are. You may be in more trouble than you’re aware of, bleeding internally or concussed. Always go to the hospital, in an ambulance or on your own, to establish a timeline and the seriousness of your injuries.

At the accident site, get the contact information of the other driver with insurance details plus the policy number if you are able to. These details will be on the information card that all drivers are required to carry with them. Don’t discuss fault or details with the driver and don’t volunteer extraneous details to police. They don’t care if you were on your way to check out a sale at the sports store and the other driver’s attorney could even use that against you, claiming you were distracted by thoughts of your destination. Just relate what happened and then get a report number for the incident. The report will be available in 48-72 hours and you should get a copy of it; the report number will make this easier. Direct the officers to witnesses, if there are any, so you’ll have statements to back up your version of what happened. If you don’t point out the witnesses, motor cycle accident attorneys the officers may think that they are merely spectators gathered after the event.

Nearly everyone has a cell phone with a camera now so make use of it. Write down everything you can remember about the incident, from your actions before you mounted the bike to your experiences at the scene and at the hospital. If the car doesn’t stop, write down the license number if you are able to. Note the road conditions as the city, county, or state may be the one at fault rather than the driver of the vehicle that hit you; you usually have just 30 days to files a complaint after an accident if you plan to hold a government agency such as the Department of Transportation liable for the conditions leading to the collision. Be sure that before you start on your cycling journey you put on your helmet and fasten it securely. If you don not have a helmet or it is not fastened properly, you may be deemed partially at fault for your injuries. Stay in the marked bike lanes and if you’re riding with someone else; never ride side by side.

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