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A stainless steel kitchen sink should be the ultimate accessory of any kitchen. But since all stainless steel sinks come in different sizes and styles, selecting the right one may become a daunting task.

Before you window-shop for your next stainless steel sink, make sure that you have the correct dimensions of your counter top. As a rule of thumb, single basin sinks look better in smaller kitchens and for larger kitchens double-bowls or even triple-bowls are ideal.

If you are rebuilding your kitchen and want to add a separate island as working area or even a dish washer, you can opt for a smaller single-bowl stainless steel kitchen sink, as these are more practical and take up much less space than traditional ones.

Keep in mind that though your next kitchen sink is for stainless steel kitchen sink such as washing your dishes and preparing foods, a sink will add a stylish accent that no other item in the kitchen will. So, make sure that your current or future accessories match the look of your new kitchen sink, which may come as brushed metal or as a polished look.

Though the traditional stainless steel sinks come in these two styles, many manufacturers also offer other finishes, such as antique, copper, hammered, weathered, among others. To pick the right one it is recommended that you have an idea of the color and style of your cabinets and other accessories, kitchenware, appliances, furniture and even the color of your kitchen walls.

One major reason people choose stainless kitchen sinks is for stainless steel sinks maintenance and low price. And some new styles of stainless steel sinks are designed with technological properties such as an undercoating that muffles sound. If you will be handling many heavy objects such as cast iron pots and pans, make sure that you ask about the strength of the material of your next kitchen sink. As a rule of thumb, a stainless steel kitchen sink made with a lower gauge will be sturdier and quieter.

All homeowners know that the kitchen sink is bound to get a lot of traffic and activity that wishing for it to stay squeaky clean is an impossibility. This is true especially if you have stainless steel kitchen sinks because it is sensitive to scratches and other forms of friction. However, the beauty of a shiny stainless sink is incomparable and help to enhance the value of your kitchen. Even if your sink’s shine had been seemingly lost, you still have hope to bring it back.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind if you want to maintain the perfect shine for your stainless sink. You need to apply the recommended procedures below during your first attempt to shine the kitchen sink stainless steel. After that, all you are to do is to perform some maintenance procedures. This will make your sink seem new again.

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