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Formica countertops are made of a thin layer of plastic material, the laminate, attached to a base of plywood or other materials using glue. They are among the most popular cheap countertops, and relatively easy to maintain. However, the wrong cleaning routine can damage the protective plastic layer and create stains, scratches or even leave the wood underneath visible, requiring you to replace or resurface the countertops.

To properly clean Formica countertops every day, a clean cloth and mild formica countertops using warm water. However, remember to dry the countertop to avoid water accumulating in the seams and potentially damaging the base. Avoid using scouring pads or anything that could scratch the surface, as scratches can happen easily.

While you may feel tempted to use bleach or other highly corrosive cleaning products to properly clean Formica countertops, this can result in damage to the finish and changes to the colour of your countertops. Avoid using abrasive substances or cleaning materials, and don’t leave bottles containing those substances on top of your laminate countertops to avoid damage.

If you have a resistant stain you can use solvents that are made formica countertop a floor cleaner that doesn’t have acid or alkali, such as a Neutral PH one. Denatured alcohol and ammonia based cleaners can also be used, as long as it’s not very often and you are particularly careful not to let it pool on the edges, as it could damage the glue on the seams.

Although a formica countertop is scratch and heat resistant it isn’t scratch and heat proof. This means you can not cut on a formica countertop or place a hot pot on it but you can drag a pot across the counter without scratching it as well as place cooler temperature pots and pans on it without burning a hole in the formica.

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