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Fireplace has always been an added attraction to every household. A house without a fireplace is like living in a roofless home. Fireplace is responsible for providing warmth to the place during winter season. But have you ever thought that this place can somehow become dangerous? Well, if you are not aware of its dangers, then this can really be the cause of possible untoward accidents later on. Go over the rest of the paragraphs for some tips on fireplace safety measures. A regular checkup on your fireplace which is conducted by reliable contractors is very important to monitor its performance and actual condition. Of course, fireplace inspection this involves fire and anything associated with fire can immediately mean danger. Thus, if you want to keep away from any terrible accidents, have your fireplace inspected by an experienced contractor.

If possible, stay away from using kerosene, gas and other combustible liquids that can trigger the fire. Make sure that you have real logs since they are said to be better than papers or saw dusts. Keep the damper open to allow the fuel to burn well and also not to accumulate the gas in the place. Put a fireplace screen or glass door to avoid having embers in the place. Make sure that the screen is big enough to block the logs or sparks. Keep the glass door open when there is still burning. Arrange your wood supply properly and cover it. Do not store it near the house, give enough distance. Get some of them only when you need them, so that insects could not get inside the house.

Secure a fire extinguisher inside your house and put smoke detects in every floor. Check them regularly and replace batteries if you need to do so. Make sure that your fire extinguisher is working properly and teach everyone at home on how to use it. Do not burn trash paper, boxes made of cardboard, Christmas trees and wrappers that give off toxic elements in the smoke. This can trigger fire to occur. Ashes should be cleaned immediately so the place will not look messy. Sometimes these embers can cause allergies especially to those who are too much sensitive on these things.

Cleaning the chimney, fireplace and stove areas is very important. Make sure that they do not have any residue around the place. Keep in mind that everything dirty is not healthy and safe. Thus, regardless if it is a fireplace or not you need to clean all the time. Keep in mind that being a responsible homeowner, it is your sole responsibility to know these safety measures for your place. No matter if it involves fire or not, fireplace inspection service safety is always the priority at home. Hence, learn the basics on fire safety measures since this is part of becoming a responsible homeowner.

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