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If you are a pet owner one of the most disgusting things you have ever found must be flea. It is the biggest annoyance not only to your pet but also to you. Fleas are quite irritating and the worst thing is they get back soon after you eradicate them. The bloodsucking pests can cause grave health issues. They are a threat to both the pet and the pet owner.

Fighting these pests is nearly impossible. Though various flea control products are available in the market they are not good to use because they contain chemical harmful for your health as well as the environment. These chemicals are ultimately going to do no good. They will rather have extended side effects. They are poisonous for your health.

However there is a good alternative to these products. You can use natural ways to flea control non-toxic methods are quite effective in eradicating fleas. They are safer and healthier. Go for these alternative ways that are both good for your pet and your family.

Garlic is probably one of the oldest natural remedies to flea removal is regarded as the best option to repel fleas. Brewer’s yeast is also a good natural flea repellent. Both garlic and brewer’s yeast make the skin of your pet less tasty to the fleas. This is an absolutely non-toxic way of fighting the fleas. Research has shown that if you add garlic or yeast supplement to the regular diet of your pet it will effective reduce the number of bites and fleas.

Use fresh garlic in your pet’s food but make sure not to over use. Excessive amount of garlic will become toxic for your pet. Add a small amount of raw garlic in your pet’s food. One crushed clove of garlic is enough to use. In case of brewer’s yeast you should use one teaspoon of it for a small cat or dog. If you have a large dog you should use one tablespoon of brewer’s yeast to get desired result.

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