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Unless you plan on doing everything yourself, hiring flat rate movers is the most cost effective way to move across town or across the country. This is definitely the way to go if you want to have peace of mind about the costs of a move. The moving companies make a commitment to the total cost before you even begin to pack so there are absolutely no surprises at the other end.

Check out the many movers that provide this service as each one has slightly different services included in the flat rate packages. Typical basic services include padding and wrapping large pieces of furniture, taking apart then reassembling beds, disconnecting and reconnecting large appliances, all loading and unloading, a block of hours, and fuel expenses. This means no extra cost if the price of fuel suddenly increases.

Some movers will pack any art, mirrors, lamps, and electronics and even hang the flat rate mover clothes closet in wardrobe boxes as part of their flat rate quote. They all provide protective matting for floors and around corners. And, they are insured for the value of your goods. You might want to make sure your agreement is clear about payment of any road tolls or parking tickets as these items could be a significant surprise on the bill.

All the movers do offer optional services that might include deep cleaning at either end of the move, locksmiths, photo inventory of your household goods, and providing recommendations for home security firms for your new home. They are also willing to do all your packing if you decide it is more than you can handle. Or, you can buy or rent packing boxes and supplies from most moving companies.

There are movers who are proud to be green. Their eco-friendly flat rate movers include running their local vehicles on biodiesel, contributing carbon footprint offsets, and offering you the use of reusable plastic tubs instead of boxes. Besides being green, these tubs are easy to pack and stack with their hinged closings and can be marked easily to identify contents.

Most moving companies are prepared to provide a preliminary online quote if you submit information about the size of your current house and apartment, the size of the new residence, any unusual pieces of furniture or other goods, whether or not there is an elevator or stairs to be booked or maneuvered, and the date of the move. Then, a representative usually visits your residence to prepare a detailed final quote. Search online reviews for flat rate movers to see how pleased people have been with the quality of service and the cost.

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