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When it comes to removing tough dirt, stains and grease then you can often find yourself having to resort to extreme measures to get things clean, particularly with burnt on grease on your oven. The problem is that you cannot leave grease to fester as it will become a haven in which bacteria can grow. In a commercial kitchen this could prove to be especially disastrous; customers could end up with food poisoning, and should the health inspector come calling then you could find your business shut down.

A good start would be to use a steam cleaner, as they are ideal for dirt removal of grease and dirt within seconds. Unlike using chemicals, a steam cleaner will start to remove the dirt immediately. In comparison, with chemicals you may have to apply them and leave them for a couple of minutes before putting on your rubber gloves and having to use a wire brush to hack away at the burnt on dirt or grease.

Steam cleaners are therefore the ideal thing for removing all forms of dirt removals can also be used for streak free window cleaning inside and out. Indeed the latest small hand held steam cleaner units are ideal for doing this with ease. While they generate a lot of steam, the water vapour density in the steam is actually less than in normal air. It is the heat in the steam that does all of the hard work for you by loosening the fibres that hold the dirt together, which in turn loosens the dirt, making it easy to remove.

The best bit is that a steam cleaner does this easier than using chemicals, and at a fraction of the cost. It works very simply as it consists of only a small water reservoir and a boiler. The only ‘ingredient’ that it is uses to clean, is water. In fact just 500ml of water will be enough to generate over 100 cubic metres of steam. The latest boilers are very efficient and therefore only use a small amount of electricity too. They have virtually no moving parts and as a result, rarely go wrong. Top of the range steam cleaners feature a separate boiler heating element, which means that in the event of the element burning out, only the element will need replacing, which reduces cost.

This, sadly, posed a problem to my parents who had to clean their carpet after my chewing gum adventures. In the old days it was quite difficult to take out a bubble gum stain from the carpets, but nowadays, using the right technology, all becomes very easy. Actually I remember once my parents having to call professional carpet cleaners to help them remove various gum pieces from their antique carpets.

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