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A wall mirror in the bathroom is a functional item but it can also be decorative. With its rounded edges and unique shape, an oval bathroom mirror adds elegance to the room. It is much more attractive than the traditional rectangular or square mirrors placed on the wall to aid in shaving, makeup application, and hair styling.

Custom mirrors in an oval shape make even more of a statement because their handcrafting means no two are exactly alike. Considered decorative wall mirrors, they include designer accents like metal sculptures of colorful flowers. With some, the sculpture is independent of the mirror so each piece can be hung in different configurations. This provides more design options than the traditional bathroom mirror.

To display the custom made mirror, hang the custom mirror and then hang the sculpture wherever it is desired. It can run along the top of the mirror or even down the side. Though it looks great in the bathroom, this mirror will also look nice in other rooms such as the bedroom or even in a hallway or entryway. Any area that can benefit from soft curves and gorgeous colors will be perfect for this item.

An oval bathroom mirror that is custom designed makes any home stand out from others in the neighborhood. Observers automatically equate oval curves with relaxation and they immediately feel at ease. Since the bathtub and shower are places of relaxation, the bathroom is the perfect spot for one of these beautiful mirrors. People spend their early morning and late night hours in this room so it is comforting to have such an elegant piece on the wall.

Oval shaped mirrors fit in with custom mirrors and traditional décor. Those that are frameless are very versatile and can be hung either horizontally or vertically. They are perfect for use in a home office over a guest sofa or the desk. Mismatched furniture can be tied together using the colors contained in the sculptured piece. Wall mirrors are the perfect way to brighten a room because they reflect both natural and artificial light.

Adding an oval bathroom mirror containing a decorative sculpture to the home makes a designer statement. In addition to being used in the bathroom, this item looks beautiful in the office, living room, hallway, or nearly any other room in the home. Any area that can benefit from some color or texture is the perfect place to hang one of these custom made mirrors.

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