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Chimney inspections are not just the responsible thing for a homeowner to do – it will keep you and your family safe for as long as you live in your house. It is easy and can save the lives of you and your family. By having a professional inspect your fireplace and chimney at least once a year you are guaranteeing that it will be running properly, and that means you are insuring your safety year after year.

When you hire a professional chimney technician, you are chimney inspection that the inspection will be as thorough as possible. They will be able to see soot, sediment, and bird dwellings that can become trapped in your chimney. These unwanted items could catch fire, or release harmful chemicals that can be inhaled by your family if not removed in a timely manner. Additionally, when you have your chimney inspected, the technician will always check the integrity of the chimney. Cracks and other damage on the inside and outside of your fireplace can go unnoticed to the untrained eye. However, a professional chimney sweep is trained in locating all possible dangers to your chimney, firebox and your home.

Are you worried that your chimney inspector will leave soot and ash everywhere when they are finished? Sweeps from great chimney service company’s will guarantee to leave your home as clean (if not more clean) than when they first arrived. Make sure you contract with a company that has this type of guarantee before you getting the service.

Take the guesswork out of chimney maintenance and have your chimney inspections inspected by a chimney sweep at least once a year. Typically, chimney inspections are done in the late summer or early fall, before cold weather sets in. Your fireplace will be up and running for those cold winter nights, while you and your family enjoys the warm glow safely and soundly.

In the past I would wait until the wife asked me to start a fire to think back to the last time I had the chimney inspected and cleaned. I knew it needed to be done every year but one year turned into the next year, which in turn turned into the next. So I would shrug and just start a fire in the chimney and tell myself I’ll get it inspected at some point.

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